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Posted on May 03 2017

So a lil history behind the HSD brand...It started off as 'HA!' a brand I created back in '02. It has since grew into a concept and a way of life, the last laugh, your triumphs over problems, or a statement to ones achievement in life. It has been a way of authentication for the work put into something you love to do. Thus powering most moves one could do in a given day, or a way of life for most folks who never give up on things. HSD as a acronym has duel meaning, one as Hella Sexy Dope and the other as HA! Style Designs which is determined by it's projection. We've created this brand with everyone in mind, something that all could connect or relate to. Stay on board we got a lot planned...Stay tuned. HSD 9an99. Cheers.                                                                                                                        


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